Become a Better Problem Solver

confidence leadership Oct 25, 2022

#LeadandLift | Episode 53

Problems come up on a daily basis, everyone knows that. That’s why it’s wise to expect that problems will occur even before they surface so that you can preemptively put yourself in a problem-solver mind frame.

Though they make life tough and complicated, facing problems gives us an opportunity. For one, it gives us the blessing of being able to know ourselves more and know more about others. When we face problems, we’re taken out of our comfort zone and as you probably have heard, growth happens when you’re out of your comfort zone.

In that discomfort, you’ll be able to see who you are and who others are, it introduces us to ourselves, gives us an opportunity to know ourselves more.

Today, I will teach you a framework that will help you become a better problem solver. Remember the word SOLVE.

S is for Solution

Know that if a problem has come up, there is always a solution for it and that most times, there’s more than just one solution.

Believe that you can solve the problem, have faith in your ability and in your team’s. This faith will give you confidence, momentum, and motivation to start working through ideas and to process that so that you can get to a working solution.

O is for Overcome

When you’re driving, what do you do when you see a pothole? The best thing you could do is to slow down and assess how you could pass through without trouble. So should we do when it comes to facing problems.

It’s also important that you ask each one what problems they could foresee before they even happen, this will help your team navigate through crises and problems even more quicker and smoother when they come up.

When you've solved that problem, pause and celebrate the wins with the team. This will create a culture in your team where people want to solve problems and they want to find solutions.

L is for Lean 

When you face a problem, pause. Problems are decision points. Get the right people in the room.

Get the team or the people closest to the problem to have a discussion with you and keep asking questions. Most times, the team already has the answers, they just need you, the leader, to ask questions and bring out the solutions from their minds.

V is for Vision

Have the vision to see this as a temporary setback on the journey. It's like a piece of the puzzle for you to solve so that you can move to the next phase of the journey.

Keeping your focus on the vision of where you want to go enables you to find solutions to the problem. Keep your eyes on the road.

Remember, if there are potholes on the road, you can go around it, you can go through it, you can go over it.

E is for Evolve

Each time you solve a problem, you will become better. People around you will know that they can count on you to get the job done.

This, my friend, opens up many opportunities for you. At first, you're going to start with small problems, and the more you solve the more confidence you will have.

Because after all, problem-solving is a skill and so is confidence. The more you practice those skills, the better you're going to get.

Three Bonus Tips To Help You Solve Problems

First, implement some sort of morning routine. Don’t wake up 10 minutes before you’re supposed to start work. This is only going to affect your mood and your energy throughout the day. It’s going to affect your team and the people around you too. Your morning routine should contain a practice that will put your mind in a state of calm and readiness to face the day. Try meditation, exercise, journaling, or reading.

The second tip I want to share with you is to start reading personal growth books, or listening to podcasts on growth. Those promotions that you've been looking at come with bigger problems but by reading, you're able to prepare yourself to solve those bigger problems.

The third thing that I want to leave you with today is self-care. Making decisions is hard work. So remember, to take time for you. If you feel your energy is low, take a break and recharge before you jump back into the firefighting mode of solving problems.

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