The #1 Thing That Holds You Back From Success

#LeadandLift | Episode 58 | Ashley Cook

Ashley resigned from her corporate job on a Friday, then launched her business full-time the following Monday. As you would’ve guessed, the transition was like jumping from the frying pan and into the flames. Through this process of diving right into the unknown, she learned many lessons and became stronger because of all of it. She shared the wisdom that she learned with us today about the one thing holding all of us back, which is ourselves. More specifically, our own mindset and beliefs.

Transitioning From Corporate To Entrepreneur

One thing that Ashley discovered quickly from her transition into the entrepreneurial world is that the things that served her in corporate, wouldn’t do her well in entrepreneurship. An example she gave is perfectionism.

In corporate, having high standards and being a perfectionist can serve you well. However, in entrepreneurship, perfectionism can paralyze you. Being an entrepreneur will require you to take that leap of faith.

The only way for you to make a perfect business is to put it out there and make it better over time through iterations and improvements. Don’t strive to create a perfect business because you will end up not being able to launch, instead, commit your business to be perfected through the process.

The Things That Make Or Break A Business

Speaking of process, the thing about corporate organizations is that they establish systems and processes. Essentially, when you get into a corporate space, they’ll already have guidelines, guardrails, and metrics. This is something that we can apply in our business.

As we learn, grow, and experiment in our businesses, we need to keep track of the processes, methods, and systems that work and slowly establish our own guardrails in order to reinforce growth and sustainability in our business.

Ashley said, “those processes and those systems are going to be really crucial to your growth and your sustainability. So that you don't burn out, fizzle out, or if you have a child, or if you get sick, or if you want to go on vacation, the business doesn't crumble”.  


In corporate, we have a boss to blame when things don’t go right. However, when you’re a business owner, you are the boss and when things are falling apart, you are the one who’s accountable.

Your mindset, your hang-ups, and your attitude affect everything about your business. That’s why doing your inner work is a priority if you want your business to keep growing.

Getting Past What Holds You Back

Many of us who start a business are held back by limiting beliefs that we’ve obtained from our childhood. If we don’t identify those limiting beliefs, they’re going to set a boundary on what we can accomplish in our lives.

Getting a coach is essential in processing our inner selves and working through those limiting beliefs that we’ve held onto all these years. There are some limiting beliefs that you can identify by yourself, but most of it, you won’t even know that they’re there. Those are the most dangerous limiting beliefs, the ones that you are not aware that exists - they’ll be like invisible chains. They will not only affect the health of your business, it will also affect you and your relationships.

“A fish can’t see the water” , Ashley says. She advises to not DIY (do it yourself) your inner work as all of us have a blindspot, things that only someone looking from outside with an unbiased view could see.


It’s one thing for you to be aware of your limiting beliefs, it’s also another thing to follow through - to release, replace, and then sustain the change through accountability. A person on their own can’t manage that.

We hold ourselves back. We are the very architects of our own prisons. That means that we also hold the key. Through awareness, the willingness to change, and the humility to accept guidance from a coach, we can set ourselves free and step fully into our power and potential.

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