How to Work with Imposter Syndrome

#LeadandLift | Episode 45 | Ernelita Dacumos

Thrown into an unfamiliar world and forced to adapt, that is Ernelita’s story. She struggled into circumstances that brought fear and anxiety. However, in this difficult place, she learned her greatest lesson.

Ernelita says that what got her through was doing the things that scared her the most and doing it scared. Her success was built on her willingness to push through and show up despite of fear and not in the absence of it. We can learn that the way to success isn’t learning to get rid of that fear, but to walk forward relentlessly despite having it.

Building Your Confidence Muscle

 Confidence is a muscle, not a personality trait. As with all muscles, you can build your confidence through exercise. When you take courage and run towards your fear instead of away from it, your confidence muscle will grow stronger and will be able to handle more difficult tasks or circumstances.

 Fear can be your compass if you let it open your eyes to opportunity. Often, there’s so many dreams and opportunities in our lives that are shrouded by fear - but homing in on that fear, acknowledging it, and learning to see the opportunity inside that dark valley is what will give us fulfilling, hard-earned, and well deserved success that will result to an even greater confidence.

Overcoming Imposter’s Syndrome

The fear that you feel could be originating from a lack of faith or trust in yourself. Ermelita gave us three simple tips to counter this.

First, what could help us get through fear is to have somebody we trust push us over the edge so that we may finally take that leap of faith. Listen to the people that believe in you, let their words convince you. Don’t let that negative little imposter voice inside distract you from seeing the faith that your loved ones have in you.

Second, celebrate your successes and achievements when they happen and record it so that you’ll always remember. In conversations with other people, talking about the successes that you’re proud of is a good confidence booster. Also, the records of your successes are evidence that could be presented and brought up whenever you find yourself conversing with that negative voice inside.


When it comes to setbacks, know that what you need isn’t to have less failures but to learn from each one of them. Develop a mindset of growth and a desire to improve. Beating yourself up about your mistakes is never helpful and always harmful. You can always build something beautiful out of the setbacks and failures you experience.

Think of something that you really want to do, achieve, gain, or build. What’s keeping you from getting there? If it’s fear, then do it and do it scared.


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