Liberate Your Greatness

#LeadandLift | Episode 103 | John Roussot

The special guest for this episode of Lead and Lift is John Roussot. 20 years ago, John lost his father to suicide. John’s father was a remarkable entrepreneur who was loved by his community, he was a philanthropist who gave so much to everybody around him.

Six months after John’s dad passed away, his mom was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer and she too passed away within two years.

In John’s mid to late 20s, he lost both of his parents, both of them remarkable people with such greatness inside that the world could have benefitted from. Since then, John found his purpose in life. He wanted to inspire people and make sure that they didn’t go to the grave without being able to release their greatness to the world.

“So often in life, purpose can come from pain. And that's where I found a lot of my purpose.” - John Roussot

The Six A’s Of Liberating Your Greatness

John briefly discussed the six-step framework that he talks about in his book. Picture a circle with six different A's around the framework: Awareness, Alignment, Action, Accountability, Amplification, and Acceleration.

Awareness. Have self-awareness, awareness of others, and awareness of the interdependence between people. Be aware of where you are in your life journey, where you want to go to, and what path you must take to get there.

“Having awareness is the starting point of all proactive change.” - John Roussot

Life often hits us with situations that are outside of our control, but being aware of the things we do have control over can help us get back up from the slump, setback, or tragedy we are experiencing.

Alignment. Become aligned with your mission, values, goals, and objectives. Once you’ve gotten a good awareness of where you are and where you’ve got to be, and have attained good alignment, then you are ready to take action.

Action. John noted that based on his experience in working with corporate leaders, when there’s an absence of awareness and alignment, then the action becomes messy and all over the place. In order to have laser-focused action, the team must start with having awareness and getting alignment.

Accountability. Accountability is something that most people don’t like, but something that we all have to learn to love. It’s the secret to sustainable success and continuous growth. Accountability raises our standards to high levels of excellence.

Amplification and Acceleration. Once you’ve applied awareness, alignment, action, and accountability then you’re ready for the next two steps which are to amplify the results that you’re getting and accelerate your growth and impact.

Beginning With Purpose

“Purpose is at the heart of everything that we do.” - John Roussot

What is your “why”? There’s a reason why this question is pervasive among leadership coaches and speakers. The idea is that your purpose is the core of your being, and everything springs forth from it. Without purpose, your vision is going to crumble from within. Purpose gives life to your actions.

A lot of individuals and organizations in the world are rising up and achieving a lot of success because of how they shifted to becoming purpose-driven. People are more inspired to work and to give more of themselves because they know that they are working for a cause that’s worth fighting for.

If you haven’t decided what your purpose is or have not yet clearly defined it, then one of the things that John encourages you to do is to think about three words that describe your ideal self. What does your “best self” look like?

“Your purpose guides and directs your thoughts, your words, and your actions. It helps you decide when to get involved and when not to get involved.” - John Roussot

When you become fully aligned with your purpose, the path ahead becomes clear. Your purpose is your guiding light, it is your north star.

Setting Powerful Goals

Is there a dream inside your heart that you’re trying not to look at or acknowledge? Maybe the thought crossed your mind that, “if I aim for this, and not reach it, I’ll feel like a failure.

Some people are uncomfortable with setting goals. It’s because setting goals means opening yourself up to the possibility of being labeled as a failure. It may seem like you’re living a comfortable life without goals, but the truth is, nothing stays the same forever. That is especially true for what’s in our hearts. If we’re not growing, then we’re decaying but perhaps, in an unnoticeable way.

Goals are the element of growth and transformation. Setting goals that will take us outside of our comfort zone will put us in our growth zone. And when we become immersed in the growth zone, we put ourselves in our “joy zone.” By setting big goals, we set ourselves up for drastic changes that will have us acquire new skills, new habits, and new perspective.

That’s the type of goal that John encourages people to set: goals that stretch them to become the person they need to be. Life is not only about crossing the finish line, it’s about who you become on the journey to the finish line.

“It’s not only about crossing the finish line, it’s who you become in the journey to the finish line.” - John Roussot

The Gift Of Facing Obstacles

Obstacles are a gateway towards improvement. That’s why we shouldn’t avoid obstacles, we should see them as opportunities for us to learn and grow. Obstacles are a gift because they show us what skills and principles we need to study and practice in order to progress forward.

“In life, when obstacles come up unexpectedly, you just need to find another path. Eventually, you will get to the goal, or the destination of where you wanted to reach.” - Chabidaye Jaglal Ramnath

No matter what obstacle you might be facing right now, there is a strategy or a technique that somebody has figured out. Accelerate your growth by learning those strategies.

When an obstacle presents itself with seemingly no way through, then perhaps the way to progress is by rerouting. In these moments, it’s important to believe that life happens for us, not to us, or against us. Enjoy the journey and be open to anything that you can learn from it.

“But in any goal or any project we're doing in life, there will be obstacles, and there will be skills that we need to develop that we don't have when we start.” - Chabidaye Jaglal Ramnath

The Symptoms Of Misalignment

Symptoms of misalignment can show itself in either a vague way or a drastic way. Have you ever felt bothered by something that you couldn’t quite put a finger to? Maybe everything’s going well, but there’s a feeling in your heart that something is just not right.

When that happens, it might be because there is some misalignment deep within. You might be clear on purpose, or have goals, but still be misaligned. When you are violating your own core values, you will be misaligned, and when you are misaligned, you will feel miserable.

When you are living in alignment to your values, goals, mission, and purpose, there is peace in your heart. Your spirit is lifted, and you are able to live your life freely. There is ease and flow in everything that you do and even if you spend a lot of time, effort, and energy, at the end of the day the tiredness feels worth it.

John encourages us to be bold, to be brave, and to be brilliant. Know who you are and discover the very best of who you could be and the impact that you could bring to the world. There is greatness within you, it is your responsibility to dig deep and go on a journey of exploration.

Your greatness is your gift to the world, release it!

Links mentioned in this episode:

Links mentioned in this episode:

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