Ten Birthday Lessons

#LeadandLift | Episode 50 

We have two reasons to celebrate in this week’s episode of the Lead and Lift Podcast. First, it is the podcast’s one year anniversary and second, it’s my birthday! Since I am in a reflective mood, I came up with 10 Birthday Lessons that will change the way that I approach life going forward. Take a look or take a listen, I hope that these lessons help you like it has helped me.

1. The Power of Coaching

Think of the most successful people that you know, isn’t it crazy that they get the same 24 hours that we all do? The difference between a high-performer and a not so good one isn’t in what amount of time they are given, but in how they use that time.

Coaching has helped me see how I can better use my time so that I can get more done, it gave me clarity on what is important to me and what it is I really want to do.

“Looking at the mirrors that you have in the car helps you see the blindspot - to see if it’s safe to go in the lane. If you’re going down life’s highway without a coach, you can’t see the blind spots so you can’t get on that fast lane and achieve things faster.” - Chabidaye Jaglal Ramnath

2. Trust Yourself. Ask For Help And Support

Don’t ignore your instincts. Listen to it, be aligned to your own intuition. Trust in yourself. Whenever a big dream comes into your mind, don’t dismiss it even if it scares you. You’ll never know just how strong you really are, not until you approach that big problem or work on that big dream.

Perhaps you already do trust in yourself and you trust in yourself so much that you find it hard to rely on others for help and support. Think of it this way, whenever you’re able to help someone, doesn’t that make you feel really good? When you’re refusing to let others help you, you’re robbing them of the opportunity to feel that.

3. The Lesson Of Consistency

Committing to consistency is the key to consistent growth. As the old and overused proverb says, “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” but what most people forget is that the continuation of that journey is also done through single, little steps. As long as you keep putting one foot after the other consistently, you’ll get to wherever you want to be.

One thing you’ve got to apply this lesson to is in journaling. Write down your ideas daily and follow up on the ones that really resonate with you. This really works and the evidence is the existence and growth of this very podcast and website that you’re reading right now!

4. Hire A Team And Automate The Process

You don’t have to be a big company to start hiring. Hiring somebody to do some of the tasks will help you focus on doing things that you are good at, things that only you can do. It will help you focus on the aspects of growing the business.

Speaking of growing the business, you must also start automating and enhancing your process from Day 1. As you onboard your first client, start building, automating, and documenting that process. Fine-tune that process as more clients come in. By the time that you’re business scales and many clients are lining up to join you, you’ll already have a robust process that’s working.

5. Don’t Chase. Attract And Release

It might seem counterproductive, but sometimes the best way to achieve something or to get something is by letting go. If you’ve done your part by doing the best that you can in the areas that you have control over, then the next thing you must do is let go and let the universe do it’s part.

Release the outcome. Stop chasing the goal, instead, let it come to you.

6. The Importance Of Network and Community

We are built for community, in fact, we thrive in it. Growing your business and growing yourself is often a matter of who you surround yourself with and who you rely on in life to be there.

If there’s something that absolutely everybody in the world knows, it’s that life is difficult or rather, anyone alive will encounter difficult challenges. You can’t win at every challenge that life throws at you. It’s important that in your moments of victory, you have people around you that will cheer you on and celebrate your success.

Having people around you is especially important in those moments where you don’t win or those moments of struggle where you question if you can do it. In those moments, you need somebody to tell you to not give up, you need someone to remind you that when you want to give up, that’s the time where you shouldn’t because it is when you’re closest to achieving that goal.

7. Always Have A Plan And Always Track Your Progress

Building something good takes time and planning. It’s absolutely necessary for you to see your progress when building your business, your career, or your dream or big project. You need to write down your progress so that you’ll be able to look at it in those moments where you doubt if you’re making any.

You can apply this in anything that you commit to do. For example, when reading books. Track how many books you’ve read, track how fast it takes you to read them. What lessons have you learned from them?

8. Practice Self-Care

“Taking care of yourself and focusing on things as simple as breathing, taking a walk, exercising, drinking water during the day - really helps and really helps with your energy and really helps you get that better wellbeing so that you can be more productive and you could put more out there for your team, for your clients, for yourself.” - Chabidaye Jaglal Ramnath

Practicing self-care is not a luxury, but a necessity. The only way you’ll be able to give your absolute best and provide value that will benefit others is by showing up in your healthiest state.

One simple thing you can apply right now in the area of self care is by spending 10 minutes with yourself at the end of the day and just be grateful. Sit quietly and have an internal dialogue.

9. Be Mindful Of The Phase Of Life That You’re In

Be mindful of the people you have in your life - the angels, the supporters, the champions that are always there for you. Never forget them, no matter how busy you become.

If you remember somebody, reach out to them immediately. It wouldn’t take more than 5 minutes to send a message. Don’t wait for someone to reach out to you, you reach out to someone.

10. Have A Clear Mind

If you can’t focus during work hours or if it’s hard for you to be still and mindful then you might be struggling with a cluttered or noisy mind.

You can declutter your mind by getting a safe space for you to put those thoughts down. The thoughts that bother you the whole day, let them come. Listen to the thoughts and write it all  down in a personal notebook or something similar.

Once you’ve done that,  you’ll be able to be more present during the day, whether it’s at work or when spending time with loved ones.

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