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#LeadandLift | Episode 56

Do you feel like you’re drifting through life? Do you know what you really want and where you want to go? If you’re a productive person but feel dread at the passing of another year where not much really happened in terms of progress, then you know that something’s missing. If you’re struggling to show up as your very best self in times where it would’ve counted the most, then you need help.

Throughout the whole run of the Lead and Lift podcast, I’ve shared many frameworks and tips with you and perhaps you considered some to be good ideas that you’d like to implement. If you don’t end up  implementing those ideas, it’s not because you’re a bad learner but because, like every one of us who seeks improvement, you need the help of a coach.

Today, I’ll share with you five reasons why you should consider getting a coach in the form of the acronym “COACH”.

Coaches Provide Clarity

A coach helps you identify exactly where you're at and where you want to go. Then they help you bridge that gap on how to get there. The coach can help you pinpoint pitfalls on your journey, in terms of your belief system.

A friend told me that our mind is like a garden. You plant beautiful flowers and fruit trees, but you will have things that you didn’t put there that are like weeds and grass. Those weeds were planted by your life experiences and things you learned from other people while growing up.

Your flowers and those weeds are fighting for the same space in your mind and it’s your responsibility as the gardener to take those weeds out of your garden so that the positive seeds that we've planted could blossom.

Having a coach helps you identify and figure out the things that are important to you and what you know so that you can stop living someone else's life and someone else's dreams. You can focus on what you want and be able to show up as your best self.


Obstacles In Your Journey

We all face obstacles in our journey. Each of us reacts differently to obstacles. Some will see obstacles as a challenge, and others will see them as a dead end. A coach can guide you to see challenges as an opportunity, a priceless learning moment that will make you better and prepare you for the abundance that’s coming up in the future.

A coach helps us assess those obstacles realistically so that we won’t get imprisoned by our fear, frustration, or overwhelm. Having someone to talk it through helps with seeing the obstacle for what it really is, finding the root of the problem, and coming up with solutions for that.

Also, many times in our lives, we fail to recognize that the true obstacle in our circumstances is our mindset or beliefs. Those negative beliefs that we hold on to weigh us down and prevent us from moving forward. With a coach, you will be able to break through those barriers and reach your potential.

Time For Action

By having discussions with a coach about clarity, you’ll be able to see the next step and take it. Coaches can help you move forward a lot faster because you’re not merely going to take aimless action, but action with clarity on where you’re going.

When you’ve finally gotten clarity on where you’re going and have addressed your fears and obstacles, then you’ll now be able to progress faster on your journey. By consistently taking action, you could gain momentum toward your goals.

Once you build momentum, you’ll be able to also build the courage to take the next step and keep taking the next steps. By building courage, you’ll inevitably also be building confidence.

In high-performance coaching, we have a session on productivity and that’s one of my favorites because I believe that if you increase your productivity, you can take on more and you can up to the next level. A coach provides ways for you to manage your day so that you can be focused on your priorities and what needs to be done instead of being sucked into that black hole of your inbox.

Celebrate Progress

A coach won’t only help you know where to go and how to go there, but they will also cheer you on every step of the way! It doesn’t matter how big the progress is, what matters is that you’re moving closer and closer toward your goal.

Don’t underestimate the progress that you make. Every little progress that you make each day contributes to your overall success.

How Habits Help

Do you know what’s one other thing we often underestimate? Habits. If we don’t assess our habits, we’ll go through life on auto-pilot, letting our repeated behaviors contribute to our repeated mistakes.

John Maxwell believes that the secret of success is determined by our daily agenda. A coach will help you assess the habits you currently have, identify which ones are not serving you or which ones you must replace, and help you create new habits that will improve.

High-Performance Living

What is your picture of success? Too often we hear stories of people reaching “success”, becoming millionaires, ending up losing their relationships with their families and feeling unfulfilled. We don’t want that kind of “success”.

The success we want is one that’s full of abundance and joy, with our loved ones and family with us to pop the champagne when we reach the top.

High performance is defined as succeeding beyond standard norms consistently over the long term while maintaining positive well beings and relationships.

I saw getting a coach for myself as an investment in my own life. I’ve seen so much change, and so much improvement because of coaching. I've gained more courage, and more confidence, my relationship with my spouse, my children, my team and my friends, is so much stronger, and more fulfilling, and it brings me a lot more joy.

You deserve that joy too. You deserve to unlock your gifts and talents and share it with the people around you. You deserve more joy and happiness and abundance in your life. You deserve to be a high performer.


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