Wait? How Did We Get Here? I Don't Remember Signing Up For This Life

#LeadandLift | Episode 87 | Renee Pride

Who is in the driver's seat of YOUR LIFE? 

Renee is passionate about working with others to find their “someday” vision and work consistently towards bringing it to fruition.

Having been surrounded by strong, impactful leaders early on and throughout life - Renee believes that embracing the leader within us and making an all-out effort to become the best we are capable of becoming is a life worth living!

The Ponytail CEO brand signifies that inward feeling of digging deep, pulling the “hair” back, and getting down to business to get things done. That's you? Join our squad!

Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • The advantage of clarity

  • Visualizing your goal

  • Using your reticular activating system

  • Getting clear on what you want

Here’s a glance at this episode:

  • Your purpose is a guide. It will provide clarity for you to know which opportunities to say yes to and which to say no to. What would life be like for you if you were in your purpose? Picture that life.

  • When you are visualizing your financial goal, make sure to put a number associated with it. Make the image in your mind more concrete and believe in yourself, that you are on a journey in your life to make that happen.

  • Your reticular activating system kicks in when you set an intention, and get clear on it. Once you get clear on that, your brain finds the pathway toward that intention.

  • Be in the driver’s seat of your life, set the destination, and determine the path. Audit your time and keep growing through practice and training.

"It is the consistency in which we will do this with - that gets us there." — Renee Pride

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Links mentioned in this episode:

 Links mentioned in this episode:


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