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#LeadandLift | Episode 01 | Chabidaye Jaglal Ramnath

Welcome!   I am honored that our paths have crossed via the Lead and Lift podcast and I am thankful to have you here in this community.  My name is Chabidaye Jaglal Ramnath and I am the host and executive producer of this podcast.  I am a certified speaker, coach and DISC trainer with the Maxwell Leadership team.  And I am a certified Project Management Professional. 

This podcast aligns with a very simple philosophy that I hold for myself:   

 “I believe our universal purpose is to help those we meet on this journey of life and what better way to do that than to share our leadership lessons and lift others along the way!” 

This podcast came to be, because I knew it would allow me to help more high achieving professionals just like you, strike a winning balance between your business and your personal life while achieving your goals.

I believe the number 1 skill to be successful in your business; your teams; and your personal life is leadership

I believe the number one solution to all problems is communication.

I believe the number one reason you achieve your dreams and goals is confidence.

These three themes act as my lighthouse as I take you on a journey of personal development.

Join me each week on the Lead and Lift podcast as we interview expert guests who are leading in their Business & Life and lifting others along the way!  You will get action-focused takeaways on leadership, communication and confidence a trifecta for your success at home, in the corporate world and in your own business. You will also get episodes where I will share my experiences, knowledge, coaching and business perspectives and even access to my extensive business alliance partners, who will share their pearls of wisdom with you.

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