Moving from Average to High Performance


Living paycheck to paycheck, never getting to see your family, always looking out for the weekend and the Saturdays and Sundays never seem to be enough. Does this sound like you?

Wake up, go to work, go home, maybe watch some TV, sleep, and repeat until Friday comes when you can actually breathe. Before you know it, the weekend is over and Monday is back. This was my life.

“A lot of times we’re busy and we’re not doing productive work, we’re just doing busy work. We just do the motions, one day after the next. We live an average life because we’re not growing, we’re not developing” - Chabidaye Jaglal Ramnath

I would leave before the sun rises and come home to see my children for two hours before they go to bed. After all that grind and all the sacrifices, I was laid off.

That day, as my husband had said, was the “beginning of our new life” and he was right.

Living a High-Performance Life

I asked myself, what do I really want more in life? I wanted more time with my children and with my husband, I wanted to have more money, I wanted to be able to not feel guilty when I don’t log in to work on the weekends. Overall, I wanted to be a better me.

High performance coaching made me realize that I could be a rockstar mom, I can be productive while my kids are happy. I can do business with my peers and shine in the boardroom while still being there for my family.

High performance isn’t only about optimizing your work quality, but your overall life quality. It’s about getting in touch with what you desire in life, to find joy in the work that you do, and be with the people that you love.

A lot of people achieve success and when they get there they have no one to share it with because they’re divorced, they don’t have the kids in their life, or they end up sick in the hospital, replaced by their company. That’s not the “success” that we’re talking about.


The Six High-Performance Habits

High performance habits fall under two buckets. First is the personal, in which you seek clarity, generate energy, and raise necessity. You figure out your motivation and why success is necessary to you. The second is social, in which you seek to increase workplace productivity, develop influence, and demonstrate courage.

If you want to be more engaged, more present, feel more joy and confidence when it comes to giving your absolute best in whatever you do, then develop these six habits and you will become a high performer.

For more information on this, check out Brendon Burchard’s book, High Performance Habits or his podcast, The Brendon Show.

“We need to constantly evolve and get out of our comfort zone.” - Chabidaye Jaglal Ramnath

High Performance Tips You Can Apply Right Now

Becoming a high performer is a journey of discovery, learning, and development. The best way to get there is through high-performance coaching. Through coaching, you’ll have access to a proven, scientifically-backed curriculum and a certified expert coach that will guide you and keep you accountable in developing your goals.

If you’re still on the fence about whether you should start your journey or not, here are some tips you can apply in your life in the meantime:

Think about one thing that you need to do today by 1:00PM that will make you feel good when you’ve accomplished it. Identify that, prioritize it, and block it in your calendar.

Now think about three words that would describe your ideal self. Assess yourself honestly if you are living that kind of life right now. Those three words are powerful, align yourself to those words and you will be that person, the best version of yourself.

You deserve success. You deserve more. You have the power to become more and get more of what you want. You have the power to create abundance, joy, and success in your life. Harness that power! Be your best you.

Free Gift For YOU!

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