Four Ideas to End The Year Strong

confidence leadership Oct 18, 2022

#LeadandLift | Episode 52 

Look around you and you’ll see that nature is already preparing for winter. Some places are even putting up decorations to prepare for the end of the year. How about us? What can we do to end the year strong?

Think of the word FACT, this will be the framework that we’ll be talking about today.

F is for FOCUS

First, start with your goals. Where do you want to be by the end of the year and how will you get there? What are the things that you can realistically get done in the 80 days that we have remaining this year? 

Pick from that list of things that you want to accomplish and focus on that, get that done by the end of the year. Once you’ve picked one, figure out how you can know when that goal is achieved. Define what it means to be “done” or “complete” so that you’ll know when you’ve crossed that finish line.

Think about the things that you need to get done this month in order to make progress on that goal. Keep those action points in mind.


Share your goal with someone. Build a community around you where you can be accountable with each other. Share your progress towards your goal and make sure that the people you choose to be accountable with are able to motivate you and encourage you along the way as you would also do with them.

“You need people cheering you and championing you constantly, so that you continue on the momentum that you're creating, and working towards your goals” - Chabidaye Jaglal Ramnath

A also means ACTION

You've been thinking for the past nine months about doing something. Well, it is time to act now. It's time to stop learning and thinking, and to actually start doing. Remember that if you don't get started, you'll never get to the end.

Don’t even think about waiting for the perfect time to start because there is no perfect time. You are already on the journey and each day, time is passing you by. Start working on your goal, start making progress.

Small progress, small steps, small actions - these aren’t meaningless, they are necessary for your success.


You don’t have to wait until December 31 to celebrate. You can start celebrating progress along the way!

At the bottom of your task list, write down how you are going to celebrate at the end of October when you’ve achieved those small tasks and those overarching goals. Setting up that celebration allows you to give yourself a much needed pat on the back.

“These little wins along the way are worth celebrating because it helps you gain confidence and build momentum as you work towards the goal. So celebrating is a big part of getting to the end of that goal, and getting you to that success line.”  - Chabidaye Jaglal Ramnath

T is for TIME

We have 80 days left in the year. I mention that in order to bring about a sense of urgency. We all get 24 hours each day and some of us achieve huge things with the same 24 hours, and some of us just waste time by thinking about what we're going to do and not doing it.

So write your tasks, schedule them, add it in your calendar. This creates clarity in what you need to do in November and December. Go through the actions that you need to take in order to complete that task.

By doing all that, you’ll know exactly what you need to do in order to get the outcome that you want. Now that you’ve laid it out, it’s time to take action. Making small progress or completing small tasks that contribute to the completion of your goal - that’s how you’ll get there.

Practice this framework and create a habit of breaking down big goals into small manageable and actionable pieces.

I hope this framework serves you so please share it with a friend. Let’s all win this year together!


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