How to Believe in Yourself

confidence Jun 28, 2022


#LeadandLift | Episode 47 | Jolinda Hockaday

Many of us struggle with believing in ourselves, but when we find the ability to do so, our true inner powers can shine. They shine through us and into others such as into your team at work or into your children at home. When we believe in ourselves, we can move forward from dreamer to achiever.

So today, I’m happy to introduce you to Lead and Lift Podcast’s special guest, Jolinda Hockaday. Jolinda leads Mastermind Groups, facilitates writing circles, and is the host of a Podcast called, “Believe in Yourself”.

Jolinda is also a retired school teacher from New York City who raised three boys as a single parent using the mantra of, “You have to believe in yourself.” She instilled this mantra into the young minds of her students, her biological children, and even into herself. She believes in the power of believing in yourself, believing in your dreams, and believing in your potential.

When she retired from teaching, she realized she had to eat her own medicine and become her own student. She reminds herself to believe in herself and to never, ever give up.

I love how she took the time during her own life to nurture her dream in society, in the young children as they grow, and in herself. I know as moms, we try to do that with our own children. We try to encourage our kids to discover their dreams and grow them, yet sometimes we struggle because we haven’t even found that out for ourselves. So follow along for some tips, tricks, and beautiful proverbs and inspirational quotes from Jolinda to encourage you to believe in yourself and never give up.

How to Never, Ever Give Up

Life has challenges. We all know this, but sometimes we fail to acknowledge the higher power of what believing in ourselves can do. We all struggle with believing in ourselves at times, especially during difficult times.

Jolinda also acknowledges life has challenges as she herself has experienced a number of life’s challenges. But she teaches that when you find the strength to believe in yourself, you will always be armed and ready because you know who you are — your authentic self. You will know even when confronted with challenges that your dream is still attainable. Your goals are still achievable.

To strengthen your belief in yourself, Jolinda suggests using poetry, quotes, affirmations, and as a woman of faith, she recommends proverbs and scripture. As we all know, words have power.

From this quote, Jolinda encourages us to find out your reason to be, your why.

Ask yourself: Why am I here?

Everyone has a purpose, and when you find your purpose, your dream, your vision… you will never, ever let it go. Then you have a reason every morning to get up and work on your dream. Give it a little water, a little sunshine, a little earth, and cultivate it, fertilize it, and your dream will grow.

If you believe in yourself, you will never give up on your dream, no matter how hard it gets. As a woman of faith, Jolinda embraces her inner awareness that she’s given divine help. She recognizes this higher power that’s present in her life — her personal relationship with her Lord and Savior. Whenever she did struggle with believing in herself, she relied on her faith and those within her faith who support her such as her pastor.

Discover the strength to believe in yourself, and you will never, ever give up.

How to Nurture Your Own Belief in Yourself and For Others

Jolinda speaks so highly of the power of believing in yourself and the strength it gives you to find your reason to be, your why, and your purpose. But just discovering your reason to be will not nurture or strengthen your belief in yourself. So what more can we do to guide ourselves into this belief system in ourselves so we can encourage our own children or work team to believe in themselves?

To this, Jolinda recommends starting our day by setting a positive tone. Set the tone by showing your love for others and your confidence for others and their ability to believe in themselves and do the right thing.

Choose a word of the day, a quote of the day, or speak your positive affirmations. Give thanks for the day ahead, and acknowledge there is a higher power who is strengthening you and teaching through you. Words have power.

Allow your children or your work team to know they have standards. Set the standards and inspire your people to reach for them. Internalize this for yourself as well. Set your own standards and through your authenticity and genuine self, you will inspire others to aspire to reach the standards you’ve set.

She also accepts there are things we cannot really control and encourages us to just let them go. We live in a political world and sometimes people are jealous or negative and challenges happen from within. Challenges you cannot control. Jolinda further explains this by envisioning three circles. The outer circle is the administration. The middle circle is the corporate system. The inner circle is the space you control. The sacred place in the center. That’s where you have the ability to create a positive learning environment with all the love, confirmation, understanding, and patience for those you influence whether it be your work team or your family.

I love how she spoke of the inner circle. That’s our space, and we shouldn’t let things outside of that impact us because we really have no control over that. We have no control over what goes on in the news or in the political world, but we do have control. to how we react to something or how we deal with someone when challenges arise. We have control over our emotions and what’s going on with ourselves.

Most importantly, be consistent and be persistent. Never, ever give up and you will never lose your dream.

How to Further Strengthen Yourself and Others

What a pleasure it was to meet and speak with Jolinda. To hear all her wonderful and inspirational beliefs in herself and others and the strength behind simply believing in yourself. She not only practices what she preaches, she also shares it with the world through her Podcast, “Believe in Yourself,” as she continues her journey of learning and inspiring others to aspire to be the best they can be. Follow her Podcast for more inspiration or join her on her Facebook page: Fullness of Joy

Jolinda’s final words of wisdom were to be true to yourself. Find your authentic self. Believe in yourself and know there’s a purpose for every day.

And with that said, I remind you that you have the ability to lead and lift others along your journey.


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